Sound production & audio-visual design

From interactive sound design to customized soundtracks and audio-visual productions, my ambition is to create emotive and narrative audio experiences through a process-based approach, aiming to discover inventive and unique solutions for each commission.

As technology and data become increasingly "ambient" and less physical, products and services are being seamlessly integrated into everyday behavioural patterns. We rely on our senses to navigate our tech environment, and we listen to what it tells us. As such, I believe that a new approach to sound design (and sound branding) will be vital in a future of frictionless user experiences.

Skills like spatial soundscape production will become increasingly important now that VR (virtual reality) technology is finally as good as we need it to be. VR is also starting to evolve beyond gaming and into various realms such as education, tourism, recreation, social media and new marketplaces. How do we want these new virtual spaces to sound?

  • For full CV and inquiries please contact me at:

  • +46 702193965

  • Based in Stockholm, Sweden.