Robin Rådenman

Sound Designer


Interactive Sound Design 

Adaptive & Interactive Music Systems

Asset Creation 

Foley work, Field recordings & Audio synthesis


Linear Sound Design 

Mixing & Mastering

Audio Direction & Music Design 


Listening is not the same as hearing and hearing is not the same as listening” – Pauline Oliveros 

There is a certain element of distrust when hearing a sound, especially if you cannot see its source. It is a considerable and often urgent function of the human ear and how our bodies experience sound waves, we are looking for the source. And if we are not to find it, we try to interpret it based on the characteristics of the sound.

As a sound designer and musician, my aim is to design expressive and atmospheric environments, fluid and dynamic sonic scenarios that are accessible yet gently demanding, carefully playing with that true power of sound that is uncertainty of source. 

For me, one aspect of working with interactive sound is to be aware of the difference of hearing and listening. It is about creating active engagement at the same time as telling a story. It is very much to resonate with a space, a story, a character or a function. Attention and awareness. 

I enjoy blending pure digital synthesis with recordings of acoustic sounds to create a breathing and human touch to the immersive experience.

While utilizing a semi-generative compositional process in order to create engaging and ever-shifting soundscapes and variations of sounds, treating the sounds with respect is of course of greatest importance. The sound is there for a reason. It is information and support, and it is driven by design and game mechanics. It has to coincide with countless of parameters. 

Adaptive and interactive music is a new standard in video games and interactive media that are here to stay, and opens up opportunities for branching in to completely new territories. The music in modern video games should follow the story and action seamlessly and present the player with a wide arrangement of feelings and moods that reflects the overall complexity of the product.     

In almost every case of digital entertainment production the effort is of many and not the few, it is a huge collective effort that requires me to have a good communication with the rest of the development team.

My goal is to provide scalable systems that are easily implemented in the production. Optimization is always on top of mind when building a system. 


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