Selected sound and music works from the past.

‘Switchblade Grassland’ w/ Monika Janulevičiūtė (2018)

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A movie by Monika Janulevičiūtė in close collaboration with the musician Celyn June. This film is a part and extension of Celyn June’s recent release called “Portion Park”, on W-I. 2018

Monika Janulevičiūtė

Celyn June

Film website and interview

Jil Sander Men´s SS19 campaign video (2018)

Jil Sander SS19, Men, campaign video by Anders Edström, Italy. 

Sound recording on set, post production and mixing. 

Watch video here (external link)

Henzel Studio Collaborations Volume One (2014)

Video for Henzel Studio Collaborations. Art direction, music and edit by Robin Rådenman.

‘Georgiana, Jay & Laura’ – Anders Edström & Karen Langley for Another Magazine (2017)

Directed by Anders Edström, styling by Karen Langley. 

Sound recording on set, post production and mixing.

“A film about the banality of getting dressed and going out” – Another Magazine


Soundscapes for INVERSES, a multi-sensory project and collaboration between six artists in five countries. The result is a set of items consisting of an illustrated storybook, a soundtrack, and a trio of custom scents. All works share a common narrative about the journey of a roving cardboard box.


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Celyn June – Location (2016, Relic™, Hybrid)

“Location” was the debut release by Celyn June. Released on Relic™ – A new physical audio format, developed by W – I. Artwork by Oliver Sehlstedt.

Premiering on AQNB

Article on The Fader

Susurrus w/ Joanne Lam (2012)

Soundscape composition is a form that heavily emphasizes environmental awareness. This is achieved by extracting, exposing, and promoting sounds that commonly go unheard in a specific environment. Although soundscapes are constructed with such purpose in mind, the intent is often lost upon reception. After all, soundscapes rely on imagination rather than recognition. The soundscape is itself a fabricated sonic environment that is not representative of the complete context from which the sounds were derived.

Susurrus plays upon these various tensions inherent in soundscape composition. The piece is constructed out of the reverberations of a cello being played inside Stockholm’s Högalidskyrkan. As is the case with most churches, the space inside Högalidskyrkan is purposefully designed to disseminate sounds in a specific manner. This controlled environment therefore lends itself to resonant yet waning echoes – imprints of the architectural body that hosts them.

Susurrus employs these echoes as the building blocks of an oceanic soundscape. The result is a composition that fundamentally inverts the context from which its source sounds were derived. What was originally light and ephemeral is now weighted and perpetual; what was once channeled and contained is now vast and unravelling. Most importantly, Susurrus calls upon recognition first – of waves and maritime noises, familiar but not exact – before engaging the imagination as a journey through the seas.


Chosen for presentation at The Global Composition 2012 in Hochschule Darmstadt, Germany

Cello: Joanne Lam
Sound design and mixing: Robin Rådenman
Concept and copy: Joanne Lam

Recorded at:
Högalidskyrkan in Stockholm, Sweden
March 16th 2012

Special thanks to Calle Stenqvist (Plan8)

Fuurin w/ Joanne Lam (2013)

Collaboration with Joanne Lam for the Sapporo International Art Festival

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