A selection of work and contributions for clients and collaborators.

Acne Studios, Spring Summer 2021 campaign

Acne Studios SS21 campaign by Anders Edström. 

On-set/Field recordings in the Stockholm archipelago and final mix of six soundscapes.

16mm video and still images shoot at Södra Stavsudda, Stockholm Archipelago, Sweden.

Erik Thörnqvist – ‘Big Science, Small Country’ at Luleåbiennalen 2020

Digitalized 8mm film, stereo sound.
Steel, concrete, granite, quartz, slate, till, polyester, pigment, taxidermied snowy owl

Sound: Robin Rådenman
8mm film: Karl-Erik Thörnqvist

In the installation Big Science, Small Country, Thörnqvist revisits the evacuation route his grandfather helped construct as part of the Esrange Space Center in the 1960s. North of Övre Soppero, o the E45 motorway, this gravel road extends even further into remoteness towards “Crash-zone B”, the area where possible space debris was intended to crash, disregarding the Sami villages located there for the winter.

Through his grandfather’s gaze, Thörnqvist portrays an infrastructural project implicated both in the arms race of the Cold War, and in the wider project of earthly as well as planetary expansion. The work asks questions about the existential consequences that follow in the wake of technological progress.

In 1970, the first Chinese satellite Dong Fang Hong I passed over Norrbotten. One of its tasks was to broadcast the national anthem with the same name (The East is Red). For the work Big science small country, Robin Rådenman has produced and fed a software system with the satellite transmission and based on the results composed a new piece of music. The original notes remain but are fragmented and out of line, randomly falling into a kind of artificial improvisation.

The work is produced in collaboration with the Resource Centre for Art and Swedish Lapland AiR.

Two sound excerpts from the installation:

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Toga Spring Summer 2021 presentation

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A film by Anders Edström.

Creative Director: Jop van Bennekom, Styling: Eliza Conlon, Sound design: Robin Rådenman  

On-set recording, soundtrack composition and final mix, Stereo, 4.27 minutes.

‘Switchblade Grassland’ w/ Monika Janulevičiūtė

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A movie by Monika Janulevičiūtė in close collaboration with the musician Celyn June. This film is a part and extension of Celyn June’s recent release called “Portion Park”, on W-I. 2018

Monika Janulevičiūtė

Celyn June

Film website and interview

Jil Sander Men´s Spring Summer 2019 campaign video

Jil Sander SS19, Men, campaign video by Anders Edström, Italy. 

Sound recording on set, post production and mixing. 

Watch video here (external link)

Henzel Studio Collaborations at Barneys New York

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Official launch video for the release of Henzel Studio Collaboration at Barneys New York. Exclusive collection of handmade art rugs.

Video edit and all sound by Robin Rådenman, 2014



INVERSES is the tale of a nomadic cardboard box whose inner life unfolds on the outside. Told from a first person point-of-view, our character’s journey is a study on the nature of thoughts and feelings, of hope and memory, of discovery and loss – things which often exist as two sides of the same coin, though the distinctions between them are never quite so clear.The storybook, written by Joanne Lam and illustrated by Kyu Hwang, also serves as the foundation for INVERSES as a multi-sensory project. The complete package of items includes a soundtrack of soundscapes by Robin Rådenman with songs by Lindsay Olsen, a trio of bespoke scents by Jacqueline Steele, plus graphic design by Nazara Lázaro to tie it all together. Like stars in a constellation, each component of INVERSES can stand alone, but together they form a narrative experience greater than the sum of its parts. INVERSES is everything in between.

A series of four soundscapes, Digital/CD, 2015. Listen to the complete soundtrack here

Celyn June – ‘Location’ relic

CAT: W – I 04, Duration: 00:19:37, Artwork: Oliver Sehlstedt, Released: Jun 15, 2016, Format: Relic

More info here

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